What is "Hope" !

"Hope" is collection of eco-friendly products lead by a pencil, which'll help in spreading awareness about environment.

Currently we are offering "penciles" which grows into plants and it is backed by science and technology with an Andriod app let you geomark the location of planed pencil.

It would be fun seeing plant growing in both physical world & in living virtually in cloud.

Plant a pencil. Cultivate hope.

Now it's in your hand, tell everyone that you care about environment and doing your bit.

Though seeds of "Hope" are small but they cultivate big dreams for cleaner and greener tomorrow.

Choose what you like, plant a "Hope"

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What hope grows into ...


Herbs are any plant used for food, flavouring, medicine, or perfume.


Shrubs are small to medium-sized plants, are key foundation in planting of any gardens.


Hope can grow into big trees as well from seed balls, but trees have their own requirements.